About Iraq’s Missing Campaign

The Mass Graves Global Campaign, Iraq’s Missing, led by the Iraq’s Missing Organisation in Iraq and in the UK, draws its strength from the success of the feature film Son of Babylon, and aims to create a platform for international organizations to work together to secure the co-operation of governments and other authorities in locating and identifying persons ‘missing’ in Iraq. This will involve an expansive initiative with the film to raise international awareness and engage thousands of viewers in targeted action to put pressure on governmental and non-governmental organizations.

We intend to help and establish committed partnerships and work plans from organizations that can champion this campaign and put in place full infra-structures to tackle the mass graves found. We also would hope that the Iraqi people will form an integral part of the campaign and that their own local campaigns will form a key part of the Iraq’s Missing network.

Aims and Objectives:

  1. To raise Arab and International awareness of the impact of policies that have amounted to genocide and crimes against humanity
  2. To provide answers to families of victims who remain unaccounted for
  3. To help build a mass graves memorial monument and a museum in Iraq
  4. To introduce the modern history of Iraq internationally as part of schools’ curricula
  5. To secure better compensation for victims and their families
  6. To establish an International Mass Grave Day to be commemorated world wide

Iraq’s Missing Campaign does not represent the interests of any political or religious group, inside or outside of Iraq. We act only in the human interest of all those afflicted by wars, sanctions, domestic oppression, occupation and sectarian violence.

Iraq’s Missing Campaign, March 2010

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